Our Products and services

We do almost everything when it comes to graphic design, starting from customized logos, websites, ...  Also we do personalized gifts for mom, dad and everyone in-between. We offer a wide range of affordable gifts and personalized items for family and friends. Feel free to contact us to get you your personalized gifts or other services !

Our Services

Limirk Designz

Under Limirk Designz we mostly create custom logos, headers, diplomas and a LOT more for all our customers, We take our time to listen to your vision and make sure we have the fullest understanding of your project !!!

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Dritbra Tskjorter

Under Dritbra we create mostly fun Norwegian shirts and designs,

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Viking Shit

The main idea behind Viking Shit is to create great quality tshirts , authentic to the designs and symbols of the  Norse gods and traditions.

Some samples of our creations...

All our designs can be put on a pillowcase , t-shirts, mug ,... 
Just send us a message and let us know what you would like !!!!
Here you can see some of the creations we have made ... its just a very small sample of completed work ...


Jæren Tshirt

Pro-Dry Tshirt with Jæren words showing off Jæren perfection

NOK 250

Norge Tshirt

Pro-Dry tshirt with known Norwegian attributes!

NOK 250

QOFE Tshirt

Queen of fucking everything design on a Pro-Dry Tshirt

NOK 250

Stolt Bestemor Tshirt 

Pro-Dry T-shirt with Stolt bestemor design

NOK 250

Norwegian Superpowers

Pro-dry T-shirt Norwegian Superpowers !!!

NOK 250

Tree of Life Tshirt

Pro-dry T-shirt Tree of life with a modern twist

NOK 250

Traditional Tree of Life Tshirt

Pro-dry T-shirt with a traditional Tree of Life design

NOK 250

Viking compilation shirt 

Pro-dry T-shirt with a viking compilation design

NOK 250

Battle Vikings compilation 1

Pro-Dry Tshirt with vikings design in tattoo style

NOK 250

Drakkar hammer sea

Pro-Dry Tshirt with a Drakkar sailing

NOK 250

Ehwaz Rune Tshirt 

Pro-Dry Tshirt with Ehwaz rune design

NOK 250

Norse All-father Tshirt 

Pro-Dry Tshirt with depiction of Odin, the All-father

NOK 250

Viking Invasion Tshirt 

Pro-Dry Tshirt with a Viking invasion design

NOK 250

Viking World Tour Tshirt

Pro-Dry Tshirt with Viking world tour dates !

NOK 250

Viking Heritage shirt

Pro-Dry Tshirt with the depiction of Viking heritage

NOK 250

Fierce Wolf Tshirt 

Pro-Dry Tshirt with a fierce wolf design

NOK 250

To order  :

Use the contact form to get in touch with us and let us know the size, design and product that you want ! If you do not see the product on here, let us know !!!

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